I am My Father’s Daughter

I couldn’t feel any wind. I couldn’t feel anything but sheer joy at having Tati all to myself. What a thrill to walk out until the water reached my shoulders. Tati had taught me to swim the summer before and an entire year had passed without another chance to swim. I kicked with my legs, flailed my arms, and took plenty of water up my nose.

“Make gentle, rounded strokes. Keep your fingers together.”

“I’m drowning!”

“Oh, Dana, how are you drowning? I have my hand under your tummy.”

“I’m tired.”

“Of course you are. Control your arms and breathe normally.”

“Let me stop now.”

He let me down.

“Let’s jump waves, Tati.”

We returned to shallower water, trying to catch the waves as they broke, and readied to push ourselves off the sea floor in sync.

“There’s a big wave heading our way.” He squeezed my hand. “Hold on tight!”

I tightened my grip and held my breath as the wave lifted me off the sea floor. One wave after another approached with only seconds in between to catch my breath. Nothing felt better than jumping waves holding Tati’s hand. I was oblivious of everything else, captivated in an exhilarating spell of the Black Sea.

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