No Kiss Good-bye

The consul proclaimed our sentence:

“As long as I live, you will not enter the United States.”

It was unheard of during the Cold War for political or religious refugees to have escaped from Eastern Bloc nations and be denied asylum in free countries. So unique and strange were our circumstances that not one, but two countries, denied us asylum and left us stranded.

Part I – Life in Communist Romania (Ch. 1-25)
For a glimpse of Romanian culture, family life, the adversities of living in a communist society, and the realities of a child growing up under totalitarianism

Part II – The Escape (Ch. 26-32)
Crucial developments in the summer of 1981 during President Ceausescu’s regime

Part III – Without a Country (Ch. 33-44)
Months of uncertainty and struggle living in a foreign country considered a “pass-through” nation by International Law, where a surprising adversary uttered the fatal words written above, not once, but twice

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